Roblox Tower Battles Script Hack GUI Exploit 2021

Roblox Hack HERE


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Today Im going to be showing you how to get and use this pretty cool tower battles script gui! USE IT FAST because it might be patched from the new updates! ROAD TO 30K!

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10 Weirdest Roblox Hacking Incidents – Thank you for watching!

0:00 Intro
0:24 Luckymaxer
1:44 The Swastikas Infiltration
3:25 The Grey Roblox Marketplace
4:51 The Free Robux Trap
6:14 The UUC Incident
9:01 The Trump Bots Incident
10:18 A Botted Situation
11:34 The Roblox Got Talent Issue
12:45 The Recommended Page Disaster
14:04 Outro

LEMMiNO – Cipher

LEMMiNO – Blackout

LEMMiNO – Biosignature

LEMMiNO – Aloft

LEMMiNO – Triangular

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Roblox Hack HERE