ROBLOX: The Labyrinth: NEW Anti-Cheat FAILED! Infinite Jump HACKERS Bypass!

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3:00 in it gets Really Bad, Hacker’s name shown before though.

The Labyrinth’s Anti-cheat has already been beat in just a few days since release. The Developers removed fun features to give this new Anti-cheat a smoother transition.

Well Nitenity, We want dash and not being teleported back, because this clearly worked just as well as the previous one without as many restrictions to our movement. I’m honestly getting salty about not being able to move at a decent pace in the glade.

If you’ve ever watched any of my Pre-Labyrinth content, something very similar went down on RustV2 were the Anti-cheat started restricting normal movement and people started loosing god tier items because of it, the anti-cheat didn’t stop the cheating either, just like this. History is repeating it’s self and The Labyrinth isn’t RustV2, it most likely won’t be able to recover from this if it goes on too much longer.

Roblox Hack HERE