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Hello players! In today’s video I’m gonna show you how to get FREE Robux using this UPDATED Roblox Robux Hack that I’ve coded. ??
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Wondering on how to get free Robux on your phone? Then this video is for you!

Welcome to my video. Today I will be showing you guys how to get free robux on your phone, now this is a pretty long process so bare with me. First we have to log into Roblox on our phone. Open up your mobile browser and sign onto the Roblox website. Use the mobile version of Roblox for easier access, it can be found here. – Now you guys want to hover over towards the right of your phone screen, you will see the robux option, click it. Once you have clicked it tap the “Obtain Robux” button. After a few seconds of loading…

Roblox Grehg likes robux… I REALLY REALLY DO.

Once your page has loaded go ahead and scroll down to the bottom of web page. You are doing great so far we are about, something something percent done. Right now you should be seeing some check boxes that have information about the various types of builders club. Now this is where one of the important parts happen. Tap onto the “Outrageous Builder’s Club” option. You must.

We are now finished with the phone part, now onto the computer segment. Congratulate yourself, you’ve come this far.


You guys want to go ahead and open up your favorite web browser, mine is Google Chrome. Now you guys want to type Roblox into the search field, navigate to Roblox’s website. Cool, we’re in let’s go ahead and log in once again (don’t worry this is the last time.) Once you guys are logged into the Roblox website, go ahead and go to my profile. Click the search bar at the top of the homepage of Roblox and type in “Grehg”, hit enter. My character is pale, with blue icy hair. You’ve found me! Cool! go ahead and click on me. Now you should see a lot of stuff on my profile. Ignore everything else and focus on the “Creations” tab this is where all of my Roblox games are. Cool, now you guys want to click on “Grehg’s Generator ####” this is my generator game (where all of the amazing glitches take place.) Now click the play button. Roblox will open shortly, unless you have an old computer from like 2003 JK. Or you have a terrible internet provider.

In game

Once you guys are in game, rotate and position your camera towards the feet of your player, once again this is a crucial step in the tutorial. Once you guys have done that, jump once, position your camera towards the blue shelter with pretty decals. You may now walk towards and into the shelter. Once you are inside, feel free to look at the cool decals, I picked them myself. Now if you notice there is a little tool on the floor, this little tool contains all of Roblox’s fears of course, Roblox’s weakness, GLITCHEZ WE LUV GLITCHEZ!!! Go ahead and pick up the little tool and embrace the power. AWESOME you have the power! Now you guys want to type in the amount of robux you want to receive. Now I must warn you on this step, be careful on how much you enter, Builderman might find out and punish all of us, do not ruin this operation for the rest of us, soldier. In this tutorial I gave myself 1,337 because I’M LEET. Once you guys are satisfied with your amount, go ahead and leave the game.

Back to the home, FINAL

Now that we have left the game, navigate back to the home page. On the homepage you just want to idle for a bout 30 seconds, go ahead and think about your life, isn’t it awesome? (I hope it is.) Aw yeah! It’s about that time, go ahead and refresh the page and wait for the glory! You should have received your robux, if not then it’s not your fault, this glitch only works 0.1% of the time.

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