Roblox Prison STEALING A COP CAR & ESCAPING PRISON Redwood Prison Roleplay

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Denis, Sub and Corl are stuck in Roblox Redwood Prison and they must escape! They use the help of guard Alex to escape the Roblox Prison, and go in to take it over and kill all the prison guards!
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Roblox Prison is a Roblox Roleplay based around the Roblox Redwood and Prison Life escape games! The Prisoners and Guards, Sub, Corl, Alex and Denis have to break out and escape the Prison and make a new life for themselves! They must shoot, loot and flee from the Roblox Guards to escape! Watch your favourite characters such as Animatronics from Five Night’s at Freddy’s, Minions, Yandere Chan and more escape from Roblox Prison!

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