ROBLOX | Elemental Battlegrounds ANY MAGIC CHEAT! (PATCHED) (2017) (CHEAT ENGINE)

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Unpatched Cheat Engine Download:

1. Go to a game of Elemental Battlegrounds
2. Open up Cheat Engine Bypass
3. Change “Value Type” to “String”
4. Search for “Fire”
5. Press “First Scan”
6. Select all the addresses (CTRL + A)
7. Press the red arrow
8. Select all of them again (CTRL + A)
9. Change the value to “Void” (or change to any other magic…)
10. Buy fire from the shop (even if you already have it). It will cost 150 diamonds.
11. Rejoin the game
12. Profit!

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Step 1: Steal your mom’s credit card.

Step 2: Buy a shit ton of robux.

Step 3: Buy diamonds on elemental battlegrounds.

Step 4: Buy nightmare power.

Step 5: Be proud of yourself

Roblox Hack HERE