Roblox DLL hack exploit (2017) NEW

Roblox Hack HERE

This hack for roblox is very good, however it dosent appear to work. So do not write in the comments that I didn’t tell you so, it says in this description!

It may work for you, however not for me. (32x is what I have)

_________________________________________________________________!8uZUVJ5A!lgYgaLP4Uz7xK1pP8z6sXwx0DPjPeMIX-L3MTKSzgBI 1 download = 1 sub?? :0


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Comment saying you subscribed

What I will do:

I will scroll around comments saying “I subscribed” or saying “I subbed” or even “subscribed” then I will pick 3 random accounts without looking, from there I will check if you subbed, if you did, congrats, you just won a card! If not I will pick another.

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Roblox Hack HERE