ROBLOX CHEATERS! (Roblox Deathrun Cheaters)

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ROBLOX CHEATERS! (Roblox Deathrun Cheaters)

ROBLOX CHEATERS! I can’t believe people cheat on Roblox LMAO
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We decided to check out Deathrun on Roblox, and the server we played on was actually really good!

Except for KaceyKittyKitKat boosting with her friends…


I’m done lol

So what do you think about Deathrun on Roblox? Are there any other mini games on Roblox you want us to play? Let me know with a comment! ^-^

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Thanks for watching!

Erik – M3RKMUS1C
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I was just gathering clips so I could show you the outside of the map, once again it didn’t fully go as planned.

For the glitch:

I’ll have to make a video about all the wallteleport spots
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Roblox Hack HERE