Pavel Pavlov – Video In Roblox – Hackweek Spring2018 [Winner]

Roblox Hack HERE

Video playback in Roblox 3D gaming engine. Direct streaming from http (youtube, ted). 3D position stereo sound.
Possibly first ever **real** live video playback in Roblox!

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Credits: Toby T. for the idea concept, Max V. for texture related advice, Luke W. for his Natural Disaster Survival game

Used material:
Roblox Anthem Video
Rick Astley – Never Gonna Give You Up
A talk from
Video Rating: / 5

What if lava in Roblox looked a little more like lava? Or at least, something hot and dangerous. This was my hack week 2016 project.
Video Rating: / 5

Roblox Hack HERE