John Doe Will NOT Hack You! PLAY Roblox On March 18th

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John Doe Will NOT Hack You! PLAY Roblox On March 18th

John Doe Will Not Hack You – Play Roblox On March 18th
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My Top Tips for staying safe in Roblox
1. NEVER share your account password or email with anyone.
2. NEVER click on any links sent to you by your Roblox inbox or ever click on links promising free Robux or cool items.
3. NEVER click on any pages on different websites that claim to be giving items or Robux to your account.
4. NEVER type in your account name and password to anywhere else apart from the official Roblox website log in, APP and console games.

Well, with so so so many people claiming this silly rumour, I had to give you some information on why this John Doe/Jane Doe thing isn’t real and why you should totally play Roblox on March 18th just like any other day!

Simply put, the John Doe account/story was exploited and spread as a means to sell some Roblox items to scam money. The group which was selling the items has been banned, and the user has taken full responsibility.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is a massively multiplayer online game created and marketed toward children and teenagers aged 8–18. In the game, players are able to create their own virtual world, in which they or other members may enter and socialize within the blocks of varying shapes, sizes, and colors.

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