Dragon Ball Zenkai Burst: Level Hack

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Dragon Ball Zenkai Burst: Level Hack

Music is Dragon Ball Z Prologue.

Cash Checked v3 link: https://mega.nz/#!s5QQQYaa!haSuL8ZqmeilAcZUbnEGCxh7zpA5ZMpNNPXqGx_LZ5E


1. Go onto Cash Checked and click Scan Type then Unknown initial value then Next scan.

2. Click Changed Value then resume your game.

3. Punch once and go back onto Cash Checked and click Next Scan.

4. After that go on Scan Type and click Unchanged Value and jump in-game then click Next Scan 5-7 times.

5. Repeat Step 3-4 until you’re left with very few Addresses.

6. Click the top Address and press CTRL + A then the red arrow to transfer all.

7. Do the same as you just did and right click, Change Record, Value, and enter it as 1.

8. Check/Freeze a few Addresses and cast your magic to see if it works, if not uncheck them and check a few more.

Step 9. If you didin’t get any levels at all checking them all, you’ve done it wrong and need to redo it. If you did get a level each click then have fun 🙂
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