5 Types Of Hackers On ROBLOX

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5 Types of Hackers On ROBLOX is a comical depiction about how people can hack you! Please be careful and avoid clicking false links claiming to give you ‘free robux’ – all they do is steal your account!

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This video was uploaded on the same day I hit 100K subscribers! Thanks so much to everyone for helping us reach this crazy milestone 🙂

0:00 – Intro
0:20 – The Account Stealer
1:28 – The Game Exploiter
2:17 – The Fake Hacker
3:27 – The Robux Scammer
4:39 – The Real Life Hacker
6:15 – Outro

-John Doe
-didi (JD)

Outro Jim Yosef – Speed [NCS Release]

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